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Engineering Colleges and Universities

Engineering Colleges generally refer to institutes of higher education that offer an engineering degree at the undergraduate level.

Typically, the program at Engineering Colleges lasts four to five years depending on the university to which the college is affiliated. The students concentrate almost exclusively on engineering-based coursework, learning little to no liberal arts material in place of a focus on the applications of math and science to real life problems.

Students at Engineering Colleges and Universities can often specialize in different branches of of the engineering field such as electrical, civil, or mechanical in order to gain a practical knowledge of the particular career field they hope to enter.



Engineering Colleges and Universities:

Engineering is one of the most diverse and exciting career choices that a student can make. Engineering and its application is reflected in almost every machine and structure in the world today. Engineers work on a wide range of subject areas from automobiles to building designs, power plants, robotics, computer, and more.

The history of engineering can actually be dated back almost 5,000 years to ancient Egypt. This is the time when the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed, which is still marveled as an engineering achievement. From the Great Wall of China to the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco; from cold fusion to computer programming; engineers are right at the top.


Recent News about Engineering Colleges:

Today, most top engineering schools include a variety of subjects in their curriculum, many of which also include designing solutions for various problems within an education setting. Engineers of today use computer aided drafting software (CAD), communication devices, robots, and much more in their quest to solve problems and promote progress.

While there were thought to be 1-5 million engineers in the United States at the beginning of the decade, the number has since quadrupled to a near 20 million working engineers. Engineering is applicable in various disciplines including agriculture, aerospace, biomedical, civil, chemical, computer hardware, environmental, electrical, industrial, materials, marine, mechanical, nuclear, mining/geology, petroleum, and automobile among others. In order for any student to excel in a chosen field of engineering though, he or she needs to choose the right engineering school.

Engineering is a five year degree programg that provides a student with a bachelors degree in engineering. In the US, public engineers require a license, with the process of licensure involving two exams.  The first exam has to be taken right after graduation and can help recent graduates to become an Engineer in Training. The second exam has to be taken after four years or so of work experience and can help students to become a Professional Engineer.

If you want to pursue engineering as a career then the first thing you need to do is research the relevant colleges. There are several top engineering colleges to consider, and a wide range of thoughts for consideration - including distance from home, housing opportunities, and the prestige of the school.  Apart from the reputation of the college, you need to check the facilities, the teaching staff and professors, and job placement statistics.

A recent list of the 5 top engineering schools in the United States noted:

- California Institute of Technology (also known as Caltech): offers a 3:1 student faculty ratio and has high admission standards.

- Carnegie Mellon University: regarded as one of the top engineering schools in the US and is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

- Cornell University: offers excellent faculty and college facilities. It also boasts of a beautiful location and is considered among the Ivy League universities.

- Georgia Institute of Technology: ranked as one of the top public universities with its main strength lying in engineering and sciences.

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology: considered as the father of all engineering schools in the US as well as the world.

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