Business and Financial Operations - GPS Your Career


GPS Your Career: According to the BLS, the States with the highest employment level in the Business and Financial Operations occupational group are: 

California (938,330 workers)
Texas (564,390)
New York (523,440)
Florida (441,200)
Illinois (323,350) 

States with the highest concentration of jobs are: 

District of Columbia  (145.95 per 1,000 jobs)
Virginia (69.55)
Colorado  (67.49)
Delaware (64.47)
Washington (62.48) 

The top paying States for this occupation are below. The District of Columbia and New York have distanced themselves from the pack in terms of the highest annual mean wages, well above 3rd-placed Massachusetts. 

District of Columbia  ($95,700 annual mean wage)
New York  ($92,630)
Massachusetts ($83,500)
California ($82,910)
Virginia ($82,750)